Working without going to work

With the challenge of social distancing stretching before all of us, for what looks like months to come, figuring out how to remain active as a voice actor and audiobook narrator grows more important. Having a home studio is critical.

However – it’s more than just having the ability to record whenever you desire. There’s the issue of finding work and committing to it. Being alone and not going outside isn’t what’s been disorienting for me, but the complete collapse of my schedule and usual plans. Going from “I do this on this day, go here at this time, and then immediately do this” to “what does it matter!” has shattered my productivity.

I’m someone who benefits from having a schedule and having that schedule mostly full. I need some extra space for new projects and to make sure I have time to rest if I need it. However, I need to make sure I’m keeping busy. When I have all the time in the world I don’t actually have anytime at all. Far too much “I can do it this afternoon!”

Exercise with the family was my linchpin in my schedule. After exercise I’d immediately have breakfast with the family (and my shower of course), and then I’d immediately head into my booth and get work done. Having everything tied together made moving from one thing to the next made my Monday mornings easy to transition through. I was more productive than I’d been for well over a year.

As I’m not able to go exercise with my family any more my entire schedule has fallen apart. I can still try to do my own exercise, but it’s spotty and never set to a rhythm or strict schedule. I’ve tried, but exercising at home doesn’t work for me the way going to the gym does.

To combat this I’ve been trying to give myself tiny goals, things that are super easy to achieve, and switching them up day by day. This way I’m still getting something done, even if it’s at a glacial pace, and the constant change helps keep me engaged. I’ve done okay with this so far, and I think it’s about time that I start expanding my goals. Only a little though!

It’s very easy to trigger my own sense of “I’ll do this later!” Especially when I don’t have someone else asking me to do the work. If someone isn’t counting on me I’m much lazier than I should be. I have a problem where I value other people’s time and energy far more than my own. Another thing I’ve been striving to improve on.

But I’ve done enough rambling. Step by step I intend to re-find my focus, so even when someone isn’t waiting on me I can be proactive! I love telling stories too much not to.

Family Photo of Cooper