Another day another week…

Today was a weird day to cap off a weird week. For starters I’ve started going to the YMCA in my area for exercise. I’ve been making a new push to be active, as I tend to spend a lot of time sitting down. I’m almost always at my computer, which – of course – is not good for your long term health.

Add on top of these new efforts to be healthy and I’ve changed hours at work for the next month. I’m still working the same amount of hours (I would honestly be happier with another 4-8 hours), but we’ve shifted hours around for the benefit of one of my coworkers. They have family in town and that necessitated some change for the next month.

Add those two schedule changes this week together and I’ve been totally thrown off.

Work wise I’ve done mostly paper work. I didn’t audition like I’d meant to, but I’ve been keeping up with my contact in AndrewsUK and I’ve set my calendar for APAC this year. I’ve been debating if I should go, as it’s expensive and hasn’t gotten my anywhere as far as I can tell.

However that’s how these things work isn’t it? You don’t see the good they’re doing until years later. As this is my only real chance to meet and interact with people within the industry face to face I think this is probably something I really should do, even if it’s outside my comfort zone and stretching my budget.

Things I need to do for next week though? Emails. Always more emails. Another task is I have to do some preparation and check in for APAC. Going does me no good if I don’t have a place to stay or a place for my car. Maybe I’ll take a train the whole way into New York? That would be fun! Sadly that would also cost money I really don’t have, but it’s an option.

(I also need to update this website. Not only can I do far better with my demos, but this website is so boring to look at. It’s not the most important part, but I think presentation is important to a degree!)

I also need to find an audition and submit. I’ve enjoyed working with AndrewsUK, but I can’t pay my bills with them alone. I need a wider net. Hopefully with baby steps in auditioning and APAC I’ll get that wider net!

This photo was taken by my dad during our family trip to Yosemite. It was awe inspiring.