Creator’s Block

With all the distractions and marvels of the modern day I am constantly in away of those who are able to build their own creative platform and keep it filled with new creations. Sometimes I wonder what it is that these creators do, what keeps them creating?

Keeping my pen to paper or butt in the recording studio is always a challenge. Particularly if there’s no deadline. If there’s no contract or publisher telling me, “we need this by this date” then I struggle to keep working. When there’s no one but myself to hold me accountable I struggle. It’s why self-discipline has been my number 1 self project I’ve been working on for the past few years.

I have gotten better, which has been a relief, but it hasn’t been enough. (Though I am never truly satisfied with my work or effort.) It makes me wonder what are my mental blocks that makes this so difficult. Am I held back from a fear of failure shadowing my mind or is it success that I’m fearful of? Perhaps it’s neither of those and I have some other issue that keeps me turning me away from my work.

Regardless I continually find my mind falling blank when trying to self direct my own work. With endless freedom comes blank pages and empty recordings.

Practice is the only remedy that I can determine. Sitting down and recording, even when I have nothing to record, is the only way to train myself.

“We preform as we practice.” – my college professors

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