Step by step…

I submitted another finished manuscript and I have 3 more scripts that I need to look over. I haven’t done nearly enough this year, but I’m hoping to close out strong. I’d to see myself be able tend this year on an upswing and make it a strong start for next year.

I worry that I’ll run into the issue that I did this past year, which was AndrewsUK running out of scripts for me to record. I record faster than they could provide. It’s a nice feeling to know I can keep ahead of the authors that AndrewsUK has, but that doesn’t help my royalty shares. I’ve tried writing my own stuff to fill that gap, and while that is a nice bonus it’s not something that’s going to be my primary solution.

I NEED to make sure I’m applying myself to other audiobooks besides those provided by AndrewsUK. The scripts I get from AndrewsUK are great for keeping me practicing and they provide a little side cash, but unless I’m promoting myself more keeping my skills sharp and continuing to practice has limited value.

The next “step” I take needs to be part hunting for new books with bigger payout, but also to make sure I’m networking and keeping up with folks within the industry. I called this blog post “Step by step…” and that’s honestly all I got. I’m too slow to rush this stuff down, so I need to make sure I’m grinding away endlessly.

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