The Lonely Website

I’ve been at a loss for sometime what I should do with this website and how to best use it. While I’ve been recording for the past 3 years (I can’t believe it’s actually been 3 years already) I’ve mostly been recording erotica and it’s often not very good. I’ve been happy to have these works to cut my teeth and develop skills, but they’re not works I’m sure I want to showcase. I would prefer to show off only the best.

That said I have a bad habit of simply hating what I produce. I can’t tell if it’s actually good or not. However – given how long I’ve been recording and some of the feedback I’ve been getting I’m starting to believe that maybe I’m a bit better than I give myself credit for. I’m no S rank (or even A or B rank) narrator yet, but I’m firmly in the professional category.

Given my growth I think it’s high time I reevaluate what I’m doing and what I can do to further my career. The first is to make sure that I’m keeping this website up to date. Creating a list of audiobooks that I’ve produced and making a newsletter are also things for me to consider if not jumping straight into. At this point I’ve done enough (and should be confident enough) in my own work that I need to be promoting it.

I also need to remember to keep taking lessons and to check in with myself as an actor. Trusting myself to do good work is important, but it’s also important to remember that you’re never done learning and getting an outside view is important.

In the meantime, as I try to figure out what I’m doing next and what’s the important next step to becoming a full time narrator, have a picture of my family’s dog. Cooper says hello.

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