Quiet Week…

It’s been a slow week. There hasn’t been too much going on, as I’m still trying to calculate and budget for APAC. Beyond that I’ve been doing a few auditions. I’ve been trying to take stories that seem like I’d enjoy one way or another. There have been enough tittles available that I’ve been able to be slightly selective, though considering I haven’t had anyone bit for a little while perhaps it’s time to expand the net?

A few titles haven’t closed, and I’ve heard back from an author which has been encouraging! I’m really hoping to snag that title. It would be a fun one, but we’ll see. If I don’t ah well, that’s how it rolls. I’m looking forward to seeing whatever my next title is.

In other news…I need to find a good set of images to start adding them to this blog. Things are much more interesting to look at if there’s something to look at besides text! Something for me to think about at the very least.

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