What is a blog?

I’ve never been sure what to do with a blog. I see other folks use them, but when I turn towards them I’m always at a loss. I don’t often have updates to share, and those that I do feel like they’re not worth noting.

I’ll figure out what I wish to do with this. Perhaps it’s something that can be my own cheering box. I do enough “I need to work on this, I have to improve that” and I’ve never been satisfied with my own performances, so maybe I could do with some more positive vibes towards what I’ve been doing?

Regardless my current debate is on if I should go to the Audio Production Association Conference. The debate is between the long term benefit vs the immediate cash cost. It’s a lot of money, especially when factoring in travel and that there are a few events that happen around APAC that I should attend as well. However, APAC is extremely important for my growth, both in terms of my business and in terms improving my performance.

I’ll need to come to a conclusion sooner rather than latter. With some good budgeting and penny pinching I could do it. I just need to figure out how. Hopefully I can cut down on costs by staying with family that live in the area.

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