Creating Something from Nothing

Greetings, and welcome along to my journey.  I’m a little beyond the very beginning of my journey, but I’m still fresh, wide eyed and bushy tailed! I’ve gone through the beginning stages and I’m now currently working as a narrator with AndrewsUK and other independent authors. I’ve begun to generate income from my completed titles, not a lot, but it’s still a beginning!

I’ve just begun this journey into becoming a full time narrator and voice actor, but being able to look back and see how far I’ve already come has been a great joy. It’s interesting, and at times bewildering, to look back at my journey these past few years. From college graduate to professional.

After graduating college I spent a year in transition, unsure of what I wanted to do, but aware that I wanted to tell stories and that I didn’t want to work in retail for my entire life. However it wasn’t until nearly a full year later that I found any sense of guidance. Through a strange course of events I ended up attending an audiobook narrator workshop lead by Peter Berkrot.

During that workshop I came to realize that audiobook narration was most certainly the path I wished to continue down. Since then I have doubled down and continued working with Peter in transitioning my skills from live action into vocal work, plus drilling out a few bad habits I’d developed when reading pieces aloud. I’ve attended other workshops, retreats, and have worked to improve my skills, both on the business side as I have on the performance end.

This has lead me to being working for one publisher and a couple of independent authors. I’m still in the infancy phase of a career, but I have begun marching down the path and it’s, honestly, more than a little intimidating. Perhaps that’s from how simple and mundane it is when compared to the mysticism and fantasy of the “one day.”

That “day off in the future” is now.

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